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Цена машине за сечење гранита

Granite Stone Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting marble slabs, granite slabs, artificial stone slabs, and quartz stone slabs.
Статус доступности:
  • ХЛСК-450

  • Hualong

granite cutting machineChina Granite Bridge Sawgranite cutting machine price

HLSQ-450 automatic bridge stone cutting machine is also called 3-axis infrared all-in-one machine. It is a kind of cutting equipment widely used in marble, granite, artificial stone. HLSQ-450 is through years of practice and continuous improvement, its structure is becoming more and more perfect, using an integrated structure, small footprint. Adopt Siemens PLC control system, high processing efficiency. The machine has stable performance, strong applicability and high cost performance. Since HLSQ-450 was developed and produced, it has been widely used in stone processing factories at home and abroad. Hualong also provides customized services to meet the requirements of different users.

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granite stone cutting machineHualong Stone Machinery Hlsq-450 Bridge Type Autom_副本3

Details Images


Linear Guide

Brand: Hiwin

Original: Taiwan, China


Контролни систем

Brand: Siemens


Laser Reticule Apparatus

Origin: China


Machine Part

Name: Incremental Encoder

Brand: ELCO from Germany


Electric Cabinet

Brand: Siemens, Schneider, Sanch...

Quality electrics used to ensure stable performance.


Optional Accessaries

Даљинско управљање

For control the movement of 3 axises conviniently.

Hydraulic Giant     For cleaning

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Fujian Hualong Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is located in Huangshi Town, Putian City, Fujian Province. It is backed by Fuzhou Airport, Xiamen Airport, and Quanzhou Airport. Hualong has invested heavily, constantly introduced foreign advanced technology, digested and absorbed foreign advanced technology, combined with its own years of production and research and development experience, independently and successfully developed mining machinery, plate polishing and cutting machines. The product quality is not inferior to similar products at home and abroad, but the cost performance is more advantageous! With more than 20 years of profound understanding of stone machinery equipment and technology and timely grasp of advanced stone production machinery technology at home and abroad, excellent machining capabilities, rich experience in machinery manufacturing, continuous improvement of market service work and rigorous The working attitude makes Hualong stone machinery and equipment exported to all over the world, and has won the favor and continuous cooperation of new and old customers!


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Фујиан Провинце Хуалунг Мацхинери Цо, Лтд., Основан 1997. године, еволуирао је из фабрике Доунална машина која је основана 1990. године, професионалац је ангажован у истраживању, развоју ...

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